Best Friends

Do you have a pet?  Or are you in love with someone else’s?

If so, I bet you feel about yours the way I do about mine: this is the cutest creature on Earth.

And good for us, because Zin Valle Vineyards has a way for folks to show off their favorite animals.

Every year in late October, they support the Humane Society of El Paso with a fundraiser and auction off “Man’s Best Friend Merlot”.  The highest bidder wins the chance to put their pet’s portrait, as painted by local artist Robert Carlson, on the next year’s label.  All funds from the auction, plus a portion of the bottle sales throughout the year, goes to finding local pets good homes.


They continue the charity into November by hosting a run benefitting the Humane Society called the “Grape Race“.  There is an 8K category and a 1 mile walk, followed by a catered dinner and live music, a great community event.

Zin Valle is an excellent example of the ways Texas wineries and vineyards give to their local communities and benefit this great state as a whole, and they are only one of many.  Lightcatcher Winery donates Wine Tasting Certificates to local auction events.  Spicewood Vineyards hosts a Half Marathon and 10K in December to benefit “Toys for Tots”.  The Austin Wine and Music Festival is the collaborative effort of many wineries, raising money for “Operation FINALLY HOME,” a charity that raises money for custom-made, mortgage-free homes for wounded and disabled veterans.  And coming up soon, Singing Waters Vineyards will be hosting “Cherish the Children” in conjunction with St. Boniface Episcopal school in Comfort on February 9-12th, an art show and benefit (visit their page for more information).

This is just a tiny sample.  Almost every winery donates to charity and most contribute to various causes throughout the year, giving directly back to their local community, supporting those who need it.

One of the many, many ways spending your money at a local winery not only supports local business, but the community as a whole, creating close ties and keeping money at home.

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