art and wine

A lovely union for the senses.  Art and wine by themselves are incredibly stimulating.  Combined, the neurons are truly on fire.

I’d like to take a moment to highlight a small handful of favorite examples of local art exhibition from the winery journey so far:

Sylvia of La Diosa in Lubbock provides support for local artists as a part of her business model in her winery and restaurant.

The McPherson winery in Lubbock is drenched in art, even in the bottling area- featuring pieces created by employees.

Labels of Christoval Winery bottles designed and created by tasting room manager and local artist, Christine Jackson.

Man's Best Friend wine and labels released once a year, featuring the pet of charity auction winner for the local Humane Society fundraiser. Paintings are by local artist Robert Carlson.

Wine labels at WestCave Winery by Tim Wooding.

The list goes on, and will continue to grow as the journey progresses.

And it’s refreshing to see that art is not the only sensual element sourced locally in Texas wineries.  There’s also local produce for on-site bistros, finished products like olive oil and crafts in the gift shops, and most wineries act as venues for local musicians.  Since the beginning of this research, I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard the word “community,” as in the winery being an active part of it.

Think about that: a community being in tune with its sensual characteristics and a winery being a center for that.  Definite treasure.

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