Ed Pickett

As chance would have it, immediately after writing the last blog, I met Ed (Pappy) Pickett.  And just cannot help but write a little about one of my new favorite locavores in the wine and art industry.

Ed, along with his wife Flo, own Savannah Winery and Bistro in Canton, Texas.

And Ed is a big fan of the arts, as well as a talented artist himself.  During our interview, he kept returning to how important it is to combine wine and art (and cheese and chocolate).  I couldn’t agree more.

And he really means it.  In his winery, he will display and promote any artist’s work, from first-time painters, to artists commissioned to produce for big Dallas hotels.  For no charge, not even commission on sales.  In addition to their art, you can see his beautiful and detailed sculptures and carvings around the winery.

But there’s a lot more.

About two miles up the road of the winery is the Van Zandt County Veteran’s Memorial.  Ed is part of a team of volunteers working to build a plaza to honor the local county’s men and women who have served in the Armed Forces.  They’ve been working for 4 years to raise the money to finish it.

Here’s what Ed does.

He is building a large and beautiful bronze sculpture to sit on this platform.

It costs $80,000 for the materials alone.  So he is raising it by making small versions on the sculpture and selling them to individuals:

He gives 100% of the cost of the smaller figure to the Plaza project and 100% of his time and talent to the big sculpture, which you can see the beginnings of right in the Savannah Winery’s bistro.

And, if you wish, you can donate to the cause.  He has been working steadily all these years to raise the money for the memorial, even as his wife Flo endured heart and back surgeries and he continued to run the winery 7 days a week.  There’s no doubt, with determination like that, he will succeed.

Thank you, Ed, for your incredible use of art, passion, and dedication to supporting the community.

For more information on the Van Zandt County Veteran Memorial Plaza and the statues visit : www.vzcm.org

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