scenes from the North Texas wine trails

The roads of North Texas are shockingly beautiful.  Dallas/ Ft. Worth metroplex, you have a  treasure in your backyard: charming escapes from the city, both in its limits and in the vast rolling countryside that spans out in all directions from the twisted highways and fast moving traffic.  There were roads in Northeast Texas so sparsely traveled, I didn’t see a vehicle for 20 minutes at a time.  And the scenes were so breathtaking, I nearly ran my car off the road on several occasions (on the drive to Sugar Ridge Winery, I actually did… just a little).  Varying shades of green, from the deep darks of pine, to the bright, nearly neon shoots of spring; patches of blue from our State flower, waving in the wind; entire meadows of yellow mustard flowers, so tall they look like childhood-fantasy clouds, hovering above the lush grass.  Faded red barns and old ranch houses, spotted cattle and horses that race cars alongside their cedar fences.  Below are a few scenes from these drives, but photos cannot do the beauty justice.  It is something to be experienced.

Texans, don’t miss the opportunity to explore these wine trails.  They are much more than you think.

wildflower seasondirt road excursion on the way to Collin Oaks Winery

trees starting bloom at Brushy Creek

enchanting bridge on property of Collin Oaks Winerygood taco trucks are everywhere. by suggestion of Rachel Cook at Brushy Creek

sunset over Wales Manor vineyards

view from the new tasting room at Blue Ostrich Vineyard and Winery

endless beautiful empty roads

on the way to Sweet Dreams Winery

1 thought on “scenes from the North Texas wine trails

  1. Janice & I went to Hill Country this weekend on business. Around LLano the wild flowers were awsome.

    Neal & Janice Newsom Winegrowers Plains Tx

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