My how Fredricksburg has changed!  Sitting in Fredricksburg Coffee and Tea, the clientele are businessmen dressed in dark jeans and starched collared shirts, rock climbers covered in tattoos, musicians and some girls wearing the latest youth fashions.  Their radio speakers are cooing The Cure and the hanging art is of the post-modern era.  It feels like a small corner of Austin.


Driving into town, every single parking spot was occupied with a several cars wait at each stoplight.  It’s Monday.  The businesses are becoming more “cutting-edge”: a hip fro-yo (frozen yogurt) shop, some modern boutiques selling higher fashion, a rather large selection of white tablecloth restaurants.  There is no doubt great tax generation potential going on here.  Many shops advertise either local wine bottles, wine tasting or wine related merchandise.  The town is attractive in and of itself, but I truly believe it owes this gradual change and increasing popularity to the surrounding wineries, their numbers now growing at the 2nd fastest pace in the nation behind Napa Valley.

I am not saying that every town has to reach this level of traffic, or take on this particular personality but how many more places in Texas could be positively affected as wineries continue to open and clump together to create trails and single destination stops?  Even with this tenuous economy, Magic 8 Ball says, “Outlook is good.”

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