top blogs talking about Texas wine

After a hiatus from the blog, we are back in business.  Returning from a summer and fall leading cycling tours in France, I’ve been slowly reacquainting myself with the Texas wine world and have stumbled across some fantastic blogs writing about the subject.  To kick-off our restart, I would like to give a shout-out to my recent top 5 favorite online publications helping to push the Texas wine world forward.  Thanks for all you are doing out there to keep conversation flowing about this exciting industry!

1) by blogger Matt McGinnis.  The blog delves often into the subject of Texas wine and with his thorough coverage of events and tastings, quality photos and fun banter, it is always a pleasure to read.  In addition to What Are You Drinking, McGinnis is a contributing writer to Culture Map Austin, Austin Man and several other publications.

2) by PR specialist Denise Clarke.  Clarke is an avid promoter of Texas wines and the industry and her blog is a fun follow to find what’s new and hot in the local scene.

3) by author of The Wine Slinger Chronicles, Russ Kane.  Kane has been in the industry for a long time and now travels all over the state exploring its wines and talking to the people behind them.  He is definitely an active name in the biz.

4) by Alissa Fehr Leenher.  A new discovery for me, thanks to Twitter.  She writes on a variety of subjects and does some nice work with Texas wines and pairings.  She will be a definite follow from now on.

5) by Jeff Cope and his fiance Gloria, also a new find thanks to Twitter.  These two have done a fantastic job traveling around the state, visiting Texas wineries and writing about their experiences.  In addition to their explorations, they are keeping an online database of current wineries (a nice find after the GoTexas database halted its information upkeep).

Margaret Shugart

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