The Best Little Winehouse in Texas


I have been searching for this trailer for months and am thrilled to finally share it with you. It’s a completely different take on Texas wine.

Wales Manor in McKinney, Texas is owned and run by John Wales, an American Airlines pilot and self-labeled entertainer. He wanted to make a reality television show based on his winery and this is the trailer he presented to networks to pique interest. You may or may not agree with his approach to the industry, but there’s no way to deny his penchant for entertainment.


– Margaret Shugart


Bill Blackman of William Chris Winery


The first in a series of many videos aimed at outlining some of the vivid history of Texas wine. Whenever we get a chance to film the winemakers, farmers and other folks who have been important to this business we love so much, we’ll do it, hopefully creating some primary source historical records, or at least some damn good tall tales.

Here, we talk to Bill (William) Blackman of William Chris Winery. The winery resides in tiny Hye, Texas, about halfway between Johnson City and Stonewall. There, long time grape growers Bill Blackman and Chris Brundrett decided to build their dream winery and show the world that they had talents beyond farming.The conversation is far reaching, from which of Joe Ely’s bands rocked the hardest to the correct temperature for drinking a Texas red wine.